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Why Do You Need to Take Your Dog’s Moisturization Seriously?

Why Do You Need to Take Your Dog’s Moisturization Seriously?

Why Do You Need to Take Your Dog’s Moisturization Seriously?

“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.” – Kinky Friedman

One good day, we brought home a little, slightly frightened pup, who gradually changed our lives from dusk to dawn, and for good. It gets anxious when we leave for work in the morning, and starts jumping and wagging its tail incessantly as soon as our car pulls over in the garage. A dog is just a part of our life, but for that dog, we are its entire life. Isn’t it? But how far do we go to provide it the love and care that it truly deserves? Can our negligence take away a part of our little pup’s playful personality? Yes, it can! And Tinytails says – it’s time to start caring for and pampering your hound by giving it a daily dose of luxurious pet care.

A dog’s skin has different moisturization needs, since its skin structure and lifestyle are different from ours. So, if you had been refraining from pet skin care products, or using your own body lotions on your pet’s skin every once in a while, you need to switch to the right products today. Now if you start searching online, you might get confused amid a plethora of options that claim they are ‘organic’ and ‘effective’, but fail to provide the required nourishment to your pup’s paws that get chapped from happily running after you every day. Let’s understand why do dogs need paw balms!

Why Do Dogs Need Paw Balms?

Imagine walking barefoot on a regular asphalt or concrete road on a hot summer day, under scorching sun. The idea of walking without shoes on under extreme weather conditions like snow can also be very uncomfortable. Well, that’s what your pet dog has to go through almost every day, and since, it’s just a curious big baby, it would never complain. But their paw pads become dry and cracked, which sets up the need for efficient dog paw pad repair.

You might think that it’s better to get those small dog boots for your little pup, and you would be sorted. But experienced pet parents have a different story to share. According to them, pets feel very uncomfortable with those boots on, and it’s a better idea to use a nourishing pet skin care product that can moisturize and soothe their cracked paws to keep their paw pads in perfect soft and supple condition. Wondering how to hydrate dog paws with the most-suitable balm? We have a tried-and-tested range!

Wondering How to Hydrate Dog Paws? Rejuvenate Them with Tinytails Balms!

Pet care experts at Tinytails have launched a range of balms for optimum dog paw pad repair. In contrast to the cheap pet creams widely available in the market, our organic paw balms contain only naturally-healing ingredients. They are available in easy to use stick packs and a generous tin pack in refreshing flavours like coconut and mint. With regular use, they can even hydrate your pet’s hardened skin and painful rashes. So, order your favourite soothing paw balm for dogs to pamper your pup’s skin every day.