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3 Best Dog Leashes for Training

3 Best Dog Leashes for Training

3 Best Dog Leashes for Training

Our cute, little dogs are indeed the apple of our eyes. We would never even dream of exposing them to any possible risks that can take a toll on their health or life. A good dog leash is the ideal answer to prevent such accidents, because let’s confess it, letting them wander off our sight could be a nightmare that would leave us all feeling dreadful. A dog cord is also the first step towards disciplining your dog, and training it efficiently to succumb to your command.

Every dog owner needs to have a sturdy dog leash to introduce their precious pet to the outside world with the required safety and assurance. But ‘which one to go for’ could be a tricky question since the market is full of different types of dog leashes. According to the pet enthusiasts at Tinytails, the best idea to make an informed decision is considering the traits, behaviour, weight and breed of your dog beforehand. Recognising the purpose of buying a dog cord is also of utmost importance. So, before you ask yourself ‘which dog leash should I buy’, you need to ask yourself ‘what do I expect from my leash’. If you are looking for the best dog leash for training, here are the top 3 picks:

1.  Standard Dog Leash

Let’s start with the most-common option – the standard dog leash. It features a sturdy construction, mainly with nylon or leather as the key component. Ideal for light pet training and daily walking, these lightweight dog leashes for training lets your pup taste the freedom of movement, while clearly keeping you in charge. But remember - standard leashes made up of rubber or cotton don’t serve as a long-lasting option, especially if you have got a heavy chewer.

2.  Chain Leash

If you cannot keep anything off your dog’s mouth, and you’ve lost many dog leashes to its nibbling habit up until now, a chain leash is probably better than a standard leash, especially if you want it for pet training. You can find them in different thickness measurements to suit the needs of your dog. But yes, if you’ve got a go-getter who still wouldn’t stop chewing on this almost-indestructible dog leash, there’s a risk that it’ll damage its teeth.

3.  Retractable Dog Leash

Now let’s talk about retractable dog leashes as we enjoy saving the best for the last! If you feel like a control-freak (when it comes to the wellbeing of your pet) but who doesn’t like to spoil the fun for the loved ones, this leash has all the qualities that you are looking for. The Tinytails retractable leash is available in 3 different sizes to suit pups of different body weights and curiosity levels. It has a D-lock mechanism and a meticulously designed handle with 360-degree rotation and anti-slip grip for maximum impact and longer comfort. Your dog might take a day to adjust to its retraction approach, but it’s going to be a smooth sail thereafter.


The basic purpose of every leash is to control your dog and assure its complete safety. In fact, in many countries, it’s mandatory to leash-up your pets when they are outdoors, so that their freedom doesn’t compromise upon other people’s safety around your dog. Remember that even if your dog is at its best behaviour, people near it might unknowingly scare your little pup, or struggle from a serious phobia of dogs.

So, Tinytails suggests to go for the retractable dog cord as it’s the best puppy training leash by far. It will also serve you well as the best dog leash for regular use if you are simply rooting for everyday walks and simple exercises. Find out which retractable dog leash is ideal for your dog weight, and discover a world of discipline and optimum distance command with your best half.