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Thank You for Making Us the Most Innovative Dog Walking Products Brand 2022 - APAC

Thank You for Making Us the Most Innovative Dog Walking Products Brand 2022 - APAC

Thank You for Making Us the Most Innovative Dog Walking Products Brand 2022 - APAC

We didn’t start this journey to win awards, but to win hearts of fellow pet parents with world-class pet care products. Yet being awarded as the ‘Most Innovative Dog Walking Products Brand 2022 – APAC’ has filled up our hearts with honour of accomplishing our mission, and confidence to keep doing better, no matter what.

And since it wouldn’t have been possible without you having invested so much trust in our brand, our entire Tinytails family thanks you from the bottom of our heart. We would love to share about this grand accomplishment with you all as our extended family, and also thank you for inspiring us to create new and improved products for those adorable little members who complete our pack – our pets.

Tinytails Expresses Heartfelt Gratitude to LUXLife for this Honour

To acknowledge the ones who are doing commendable work in pet services industry, and promote advanced pet care in every home, LUXLife organizes a magnificent event every year – Pet Product and Services Awards. Launched in 2018, this ceremony spotlights and recognizes businesses in various pet care categories that are committed to make pet companionship a smoother endeavour.

LUXLife provides a platform with highly engaged audience to promising businesses around the world. Winners are chosen using an anonymous open-vote method, and thousands of voters participate to elect the brands that they support. We cannot thank LUXLife enough for bestowing this honour upon us, and listing Tinytails on their website as a brand that shares their aim of extending the gift of luxury life to our furry friends. Team Tinytails feels truly overwhelmed!

Here’s a quick link for you to witness this memorable glory:

Isn’t Our Retractable Dog Leash an Ideal Pick for Your Furry Companion?

Now let’s tell you more about our star product, and how it is different than its other counterparts available in the market!

Considering the concerns of pet parents while training their dogs outdoors and taking them out in the open for long walks, Tinytails decided to design a dog leash using latest technology and innovation. So, for all those who adore their little munchkins, and want to enjoy outdoor time with them without putting them at a risk of getting lost or ending up in messy traffic, our retractable dog leash is a must have.

Here are some amazing features that set our dog leash apart from the other options out there:

  • Tangle-free 360-degree retraction and D-lock system to put all the control in your hand
  • Chrome-plated snap hook that is reinforced with plastic joint, so that you can attach it seamlessly
  • Designed with a durable nylon woven tape, and nylon plastic with fiberglass to resist any level of impact
  • Fitted with Japanese stainless steel coil spring to prevent jerks while accessing control
  • Simple break and arm movements to make walking your pup a joyful everyday ride
  • Anti-slip and comfortable ergonomic handle that is casted with ABS to keep wrist pain at bay
  • Different sizes of dog leashes available for different dog breeds


If you are wondering how we were able to fit so many splendid features in one dog leash, experience the ‘change’ for yourself. Order today!