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If you are one of the more relaxed pet parents who are willing to share everything with their pets, then you might be missing to see the bigger picture. The pH levels of a human’s skin are very different from that of a cat or a dog’s. Naturally, the shampoos that are designed for humans are meant to suit their skin and hair, and using them on your dog might do you more harm than good.

Tinytails has launched a wide range of dog shampoos that are enriched with the goodness of plant-based ingredients selected carefully to give your pup a deep and rejuvenating cleaning experience every time. Our effective yet gentle puppy shampoos feature a tear-free and mild formulation that doesn’t rip your pup’s skin off its natural moisture. A Tinytails pet shampoo works just like a medicated dog shampoo with the promise of keeping your pup’s skin and coat healthy and shiny. These shampoos are available in different useful sizes and attractive flavours; so, choose the best dog shampoo for your little munchkin today!

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