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Paw Foam Cleaner


Are you looking for the perfect cleaning tool for your little pup’s paws that is easy to carry and use everywhere you go? Made with skin nourishing and mild natural ingredients like deionized water, aloe vera, honey and plant extracts, the Tinytails dog paw cleaner 150 ml, is the perfect solution for keeping your pup’s paws clean, germ-free, nourished and soft.

This unique paw cleaner for dogs comes complete with a built-in deep cleaning brush to clean your pet’s paws effectively and gently. It is designed to heal and repair your dog’s heels with the much-needed dose of moisturization. So, you can use this mild pet paw cleaner every day without worrying about leaving your pet’s paws dehydrated and dry. Get this paw foam cleaner today to nourish your furry friend’s paws with gentle care, and witness it hopping playfully around every day.

  • Made with a plant-based 150ml formula to be fit for everyday use by different dog breeds.
  • Helps fight all sorts of irritations without being too harsh on your little pup’s soft paws.
  • Cleans your pet’s paws thoroughly without ripping them off their natural moisture.
  • Comes with a built-in deep cleaning brush head to gently brush your pet's feet.
  • The brush features a compact design that is easy to carry, use and clean.
  • No need to rinse or use water.



Step 1 - Press down the pump to dispense foam.

Step 2 - Scrub your dog's paws, making sure to clean in between the paws too.

Step 3 - Wipe with a towel or Tinytails Body Wipes, no rinse needed!


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