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Why Should You Stop Using Human Shampoo on Dogs?

Why Should You Stop Using Human Shampoo on Dogs?

Why Should You Stop Using Human Shampoo on Dogs?

The task of keeping your pup clean is as difficult as keeping it away from fun and belly rubs. Dogs are curious and fun-loving creatures that would want to roll in mud and splash in a pool of rain water more than anything. They don’t need expensive toys to keep engaged and feel happy, but undivided attention of their parents.

So, every time you bring your pup home in a messy condition after a long walk or an exhausting game of fetch, it is only natural that you would want to take it straight to the tub for a thorough wash. But while you do so, it is important that you choose the right dog grooming products. After all, taking your furry friend to professional dog groomers isn’t the best and most budget-friendly option. It doesn’t matter how tempted and comfortable you feel to use your own human shampoo on dogs, you need to pause and think if it is safe to do so. Today, the pet care experts at Tinytails have gathered all the required research on why you must choose your dog shampoo wisely. Let’s start by answering the most frequently asked questions:

Is It Safe to Use Human Shampoo on Dogs?

The debate between pet parents on whether or not to use regular shampoo on dogs never seems to end. There is a big group within the pet community that believes that since a human shampoo cleans a dog nicely and makes its fur shiny and soft, it is a good pick to do the job. But even though it seems to have accomplished the task of washing up your dog, it is not the perfect and safest solution to do so, because it affects the skin of your pup. To understand a human shampoo’s adverse effect on a dog’s skin, let’s understand about a dog’s skin structure first.

‘Acid mantle’ is the term used to define the protective thin layer on top of every living being’s top skin layer (stratum corneum). It helps keep viruses, bacteria and other contaminants away from the skin, and also helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture by retaining water in the skin. A wide range of soaps and shampoos available in the market claim to moisturise and safeguard skin, so that the acid mantle gets the needed time to revive itself and establish proper pH balance (acidity-alkalinity balance). But still, regular washing can prevent acid mantle to work efficiently, and rip skin of its natural moisture.

The normal skin pH balance for humans is 5.5 to 5.6 (more to the acidic side), whereas for dogs, it is 6.2 to 7.4 (more to the neutral side). Considering the difference between the pH skin balance of a human and dog, it is only natural that human shampoos are designed to suit a more acidic acid mantle. So, if you have been using your own shampoo on your dog, you need to know that it can disrupt their acid mantle. As a result, your dog’s skin will become more dry and flaky, making it more prone to viruses, bacteria and other parasites.

This might not alarm you when you think about it on the surface level, but seeing your dog scratching its skin repeatedly, so much so that it starts bruising, can force you to think about this situation more seriously. And hence, all responsible pet parents gradually choose to switch to dog shampoos from trusted dog care product brands like Tinytails.

Can You Use Dog Shampoo on Cats?

For pet parents who have both dogs and cats in their homes, it is totally normal to use the same shampoo for both, thinking that they both are domestic animals. But if you also share the same opinion, you are probably making a big mistake. The pH balance of the skin of both animals is different. In fact, some ingredients in a nice dog shampoo could be extremely harmful for a cat. So, if you are thinking ‘can you use dog shampoo on cats’, the answer is a big NO.

What Can I Use to Wash My Dog?

Now if you are genuinely wondering ‘what can I use to wash my dog’, we would say – obviously the best shampoo for dogs that is exclusively designed to suit the cleaning and skin nourishment needs of dogs. Tinytails has featured different dog shampoos on its website that are designed to accentuate your doggy’s bath time.

In contrast to the use of human shampoo on dogs, our dog shampoos and shower gels for dogs are created with natural ingredients to help wash up different dog breeds effectively. The Tinytails shampoos and shower gels for dogs offer luxurious skin care for your adorable, little pet, leaving it squeaky clean with a fragrant and shiny fur that attracts endless hugs and kisses.