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Why Does Your Pup Need Teeth Cleaning Toys?

Why Does Your Pup Need Teeth Cleaning Toys?

Why Does Your Pup Need Teeth Cleaning Toys?

Like every child’s childhood is incomplete without a bunch of toys, every dog’s life is incomplete without pet chew toys.

Browsing through the online pet stores as a new pet parent is certainly an amusing ride. While at it, you must have came across a plethora of teeth cleaning toys or chew toys for dogs and puppies from different reputed brands, but if you didn’t put some of these toys in your cart (thinking that your pup already has other types of toys), you need to think again.

Today, let us take some time out to discuss about the importance of best puppy toys for teething, chewing or cleaning teeth, and understand which sort of toys are the perfect pick. To begin with, there are a lot of ways how a dog teeth cleaning toy or pet chew toy can help your little munchkin, and here they are:

  • improves your pup’s dental health
  • relieves anxiety and stress in pups
  • makes pup’s teething phase easier
  • helps avoid destructive chewing
  • actively stimulates your pup’s mind

Why Do You Need to Switch to Chew Toys for Puppies?

  • Safer Alternative to Bones

A dog’s fondness for bones is no secret, but according to vets, they are not the best chew toys for puppies. Bones can cause choking hazards, digestion issues and even some severe dental problems in dogs. But with a right-sized rubbery pet chew toy, none of these problems arise.

  • Keeps Your Pup’s Sharp Teeth Off Your Footwear and Furniture

‘Chewing’ is an inevitable need in dogs, and if they don’t have a bunch of chew toys to get along, their sharp canines will soon find their way into your expensive furniture and shoes. Having a substitute chewing toy can help your pup channelize its instinct to chew in the right direction.

  • Keeps Your Pup Engaged

Just like other dog toys, chew toys for puppies come in alluring colours and shapes to lure dogs of all sizes and breeds. These puppy toys are not just designed to offer a deep dental cleaning experience to dogs, but also enhance their curiosity and interest with the very first sight.

Best Puppy Toys for Teething and Cleaning at Tinytails

With the mission to improve dental health of all the adorable puppies out there, and allow them to smile brightly, Tinytails features some of the most tried and tested dental toys for dogs. So, if you are a dutiful pet parent who is committed to care for the little bundle of joy that your pup is, here are some of the top picks to get you started:

  1. Frisbee

One of the best chew toys for puppies to enhance your playtime together, our Frisbee comes in two alluring colour options – blue and orange. Featuring jagged massage convex points to strengthen your pup’s jaw muscles and clean its teeth thoroughly, our Frisbee pet dental toy is designed to bring together unlimited fun, utility and performance.

Visit here for product page: Frisbee for dogs

  1. Porcupine and Crocodile

Potentially very different from the other toys in your pup’s doghouse in terms of look and feel, our porcupine and crocodile pet teeth cleaning toys catch every curious pup’s eye in an instant. The spikes and bumps on the body of these toys act as an interactive toothbrush for your pup. The porcupine toy is available in enticing blue and green colours, whereas the crocodile toy is available in warm brown and green colours for you to choose from.

Visit here for product page: Squeaky Porcupine Toys for dogs

Visit here for product page: Crocodile Dog Toy

  1. Bone

We’ve already talked about the fact that bones have a special place in a dog’s heart. But since they are not quite safe to munch on, our rubber bone toy can do the trick for you. One of the best bone toys to nibble on for your little pup, it offers 2 functions – teeth cleaning and thirst quenching, and is available in refreshing red and orange colours.

Visit here for product page: Dog Chew Bone Toys

  1. Coffee Wood Chew Sticks

Although this particular product is not a dental toy on our list, we thought it to be only fair that we list it under this category for pet parents to enhance their knowledge bank. Our coffee wood chew sticks are not regular sticks that you use to play fetch with your pup; they are 100% organic and splinter-free sticks that break down into small and soft digestible chunks to keep choking hazards at bay. These organic pet sticks are a great option to keep your pup’s teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Visit here for product page: Best Puppy Chew Sticks

Wrapping Up

A big group of people still consider ‘chewing’ as a negative behaviour in dogs; but still, it is an inseparable part of their behaviour. And since keeping a pup’s teeth clean and hygienic is also against their basic behaviour, the pet care product experts at Tinytails came together to design the best puppy toys for teething and chewing. Crafted with the most premium quality TPR (thermoplastic elastomer), all of our dental toys for dogs have been created to ensure a dog’s overall health and wellbeing. So, choose your favourite one, and have your little pet pup shine with its new favourite toy.



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