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Importance of Maintaining Good Dental Hygiene for Your Furry Companion

Importance of Maintaining Good Dental Hygiene for Your Furry Companion

Importance of Maintaining Good Dental Hygiene for Your Furry Companion

Your dog’s overall health and wellbeing is one of our biggest concerns as pet parents, but do you pay enough attention to their dental care? Are you familiar with the health hazards that dogs can suffer through in case they do not receive regular oral care? Well, if you have been neglecting dental hygiene for dogs (or have failed to prioritize it over tasks like everyday grooming), the pet care experts at Tinytails will tell you why do you need to edit your priority list when it comes to these special creatures, and which are the right products to help you in this endeavour. So, let us start our learning!

Why Oral Care for Dogs is Important?

  • Preventing Damage to Teeth

Just like humans, a dog’s teeth are supported by a certain structure, and any damage or infection to these structures can lead to loosening of teeth, or even tooth fall in certain cases. But with the right dental care regime for dogs, you can ensure the health and sturdiness of these teeth-supporting structures.

  • Keeping Bad Breath at Bay

Some of the loveliest and most friendly dogs fail to garner love from all around because their breath smells weird. In most cases, bad breath in dogs is simply an oral care neglect issue, but it could also be something critical such as halitosis. Healthy teeth and mouth is the first step towards keeping bad breath at bay, and help your pup win love from everyone around.

  • Reducing the Risk of Dental Pain and Diseases

Dogs are exposed to several dental diseases since they are as young as 3 years old. When not noticed in time, lingering dental diseases can make your pup’s teeth and gums sore. It can be a painful experience for your pup, and in some critical cases, this can even affect other organs like its heart, kidneys and liver adversely. So, oral hygiene for dogs is not only an important step to ensure healthy teeth, but it also ensures their overall health and wellbeing.

How to Keep Your Pup’s Teeth and Mouth Clean?

  • Brushing Teeth Daily

Plaque build-up is a serious problem in the hound world, and regular teeth brushing acts as a tried and tested solution to prevent it. Since brushing their teeth is not an easy task to accomplish, you can lure them into this habit by using smart products like beef-flavoured toothpaste, interactive 360 degree finger toothbrush.

  • Using Dental Toys for Dogs

Ensuring dental hygiene for dogs becomes a much easier endeavour with the help of puppy chew toys made of good quality rubber. These toys feature a thoughtfully constructed and colourful design that attracts your pup in an instant, and clean its teeth in a fun-filled manner.

Best Dental Toys for Dogs to Ensure Complete Oral Care



Colour Options



Features jagged massage convex point, gear’s outer circle and antler massage convex point to provide a deep dental cleaning experience for your pup every time.

Blue and Orange

13.6×13×4.6cm – fit for dogs of all sizes


Features an interesting crocodile design arranged with different degrees of jagged molar convex points, grooves and channels, and serrated horns to target difficult-to-reach areas in your pup’s mouth, mainly including molars and incisors.

Brown and Green

20×8.5×5cm – fit for dogs of all sizes


Designed with spikes all over its body to serve as an interactive toothbrush pet chew toy that can make teeth cleaning a fun and playful experience for your little pup.

Blue and Green

Fit for dogs of all sizes and breeds.


Keeps teeth clean, and offers amazing cooling and thirst quenching functions to keep your pup cool during hot and humid weather, and the pleasant sound of water floating in it can also help relieve its anxiety.

Red and Orange

16.9×6.9cm – fit for dogs of all sizes



Even the slightest discomfort of your pup can make you restless, for it cannot speak like us to share its pain and suffering. And hence, we spare no effort to care for them, and see to it that their health is at its pink always. But although we have started paying attention to their regular vet visits and external hygiene, dental hygiene for dogs has always been overlooked or not paid enough attention.

To save your pup from tooth loss, bad oral odour and dental diseases, you can adopt a number of ways like brushing and bringing home high quality rubber chew toys. You can help your pup adjust to optimum dental care regime in a fun-filled way with the help of dental toys for dogs from a good dog care product brand like Tinytails. All oral care toys at Tinytails are designed thoughtfully by skilled pet care experts, and crafted from premium quality TPR (thermoplastic rubber) to last for long time to come. So, are you ready to cherish your pup’s goofy smiles for a long time to come?

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