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Finding the Best Dental Solution for Dogs

Finding the Best Dental Solution for Dogs

Finding the Best Dental Solution for Dogs

A dog’s dental hygiene is often neglected, and that is the main reason why they have to go through excruciating pain in their teeth and gums, or make your nose hair curl because of bad breath, or even worse – lose teeth and lose their appetite and liveliness. As a responsible pet parent, witnessing such a heartbreaking situation could be quite difficult, and so, it is only wise that we prepare ahead of time for our pup to cherish a long life with healthy and strong teeth. To do so, you can easily set up a dental care regime for dogs that includes all the best pet care products and a little effort.

While we are talking about the best dental solution for dogs, our conversation would never be complete without suggesting a premium quality pet dental water additive by a trusted dog product brand like Tinytails. Today, let us discuss why do you need to make a nice dental water additive an inseparable part of your pup’s oral care regime, and how can Tinytails help you and your pup share wholesome smiles for many years to come.

What is Dog Dental Water Additive and Why Do You Need It?

Dental water additive for dogs is a thoughtful product that is designed to improve their oral hygiene with regular use. All you need to do is add the prescribed quantity of this flavourless and odourless liquid to your dog’s drinking water, and this treatment will gradually improve your pup’s overall health, starting from its mouth. Pet dental water additive is a proven method (just like a mouthwash) to fight the risk of gum diseases, tartar build up and bad breath. So, every time your pup reaches out to its bowl of water to quench its thirst, it is unknowingly cleaning its mouth and enhancing its immunity to keep dental diseases at bay. To sum up, here are some of the tried and tested benefits of this unique pet dental solution:

  • Advanced Oral Health

As we have already discussed, maintaining the habit of brushing your pup’s teeth daily is not as easy as it may sound. In such a scenario, keeping up with their dental hygiene might seem like a Herculean task. To ensure that their teeth, tongue and gums are properly clean, dental water additive could practically be the best dental solution for dogs.

  • No More Dental Diseases

Owing to their natural instinct to chew and nibble, the teeth and gums of a dog are exposed to several dental diseases like gum diseases and periodontal disease. In some cases (especially where heavy chewers are concerned), regular brushing and use of teeth cleaning products like dog chew sticks work only on the surface level, whereas pet dental water additive can serve as a more promising dental health product.

  • Fresher Breath

Bad breath in dogs is a very common problem that mainly arises when their mouth is not regularly cleaned. With the regular use of a premium dental water additive, you can keep your pup’s breath fresh, and bring their favourite people (who were forced to maintain a distance because of its bad smelling breath) closer again.

Why Tinytails Dental Water Additive?

If you are wondering why dental water additive by Tinytails should be chosen as the best dental solution for dogs, here are some points that will make you doubly sure:

  • One of the best dog dental health products that fights plaque, bad breath, tartar and inflammation of gums.
  • Works well as a better alternative to brushing your pup’s teeth regularly.
  • Made using proven ingredients to keep your pup’s teeth and gums in the best condition.
  • Comes packed in a big 237ml bottle to last a long time to come on shelf.

Wrapping Up

We all know how difficult is it to get your little and full of energy pup come to a consensus on everyday brushing, and dental water additive for puppies serves as a great way to keep its teeth and gums clean, strong and refreshed. But many pet parents shy away from using such innovative pet care products due to the notion that they might not be safe for their little munchkin. But if you invest in a good quality dental water additive from a trusted brand like Tinytails, you do not need to worry about your pup’s health and safety at all (as suggested by the most experienced vets in the world). In fact, if you have ever thought of using your own mouthwash (or any such product made for humans) for your pup, you need to ditch that idea right away (as those products contain xylitol and fluoride – some ingredients that could prove to be toxic for dogs), and choose a nice water additive specially made to suit the dental needs of dogs.

Not only does a premium pet dental water additive help clean your pup’s teeth by removing food particles, dirt, bacteria and other substances from its mouth, but it also keeps their breath fresh and fight tartar and plaque to a great extent. So, adopt the Tinytails dental water additive, and say goodbye to the risk of all potential dental issues in your pup’s life.

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