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Paw Balm

Paw Protection for Furry Friends: Do Dogs Need Paw Balm?

Paw Protection for Furry Friends: Do Dogs Need Paw Balm?

Walking on hot pavements and running around here and there to satiate its curiosity – your pup’s paws go through a lot every day. Despite being an important step in the everyday skincare regime, ‘foot care’ is as neglected in the animal world as it is in our (the human) world. Yes, we are talking about the love and care that your pup’s paw pads demand. So, if you have ever left blisters, cracks or slight burns on your pup’s paws untreated (thinking that they will heal with time because they look thicker than your own feet), you might be missing out on the bigger picture. It is about time that you start questioning yourself ‘what would be the right thing to do to care for my pup’s paws’ and ‘do dogs need paw balm’.

Such conditions can cause several sorts of infections, and make it difficult for your pup to even walk. Since dogs often end up licking these wounds, the problem might quickly worsen into something very critical even before you notice. Whether your dog’s paw pads are rough or soft, it all depends on the amount of care that you devote to them, the terrain that it usually walks on, and the activeness of its lifestyle. Today, let us learn the steps that you can follow to ensure that your pup never has to face sore feet again, and how can Tinytails help. So, let us get started!

How to Care for Paw Pads?

  • Be Vigilant

Remember that your pup cannot be vocal about cracks and soreness on its paws, which makes it doubly important for you to keep a regular check. To do this the easier way, you need to spread your pup’s paws a little and observe in between them and the sides for any sort of infection or anything stuck between them like pebbles and dirt. While doing so, also remember to see if your dog shows any signs of pain, or if there is any discolouration or swelling on its paws.

  • Using Paw Balms

Changing weather conditions and winter season could be especially a tough time for your little bundle of joy. With snow and salt spread across the pavement, your pup’s paws are directly exposed to burning, cracking and excessive drying. On top of that, if your pup ends up licking this type of skin condition, it can be very toxic for its digestive system and other internal organs. At such a time, you need to ask yourself – do dogs need paw balm? You can simply choose from the wide range of puppy paw balms available online, and use them lavishly on your pup’s paws to keep them hydrated, moisturised and nourished.

  • Make Walks Comfortable

If you have been walking your dog on asphalt or hot pavement, you need to make it right, and avoid long walks on hot and rough surfaces that can cause some serious trouble to its paw pads. To check if the path is too hot, you can test it with the back of your hand by pressing it against the road for around seven seconds. If you find it too hot to pursue any outdoor activity, it is better to wait till sunset, or choose a more covered area or one that is covered with grass. Remember to keep your pup hydrated after long walks in summers by filling it up its water bowl as soon as you come home.

Keep Your Pup’s Paws Safe with the Tinytails Dog Paw Balm

The pet care experts at Tinytails firmly believe that a precious pup deserves world-class skin treatment, and this wonderful thought reflects in our entire range of dog paw balms. Here’s a quick trip to these luxurious paw pad balms for you to choose from:

Paw Balm Flavour


Packaging Amount


~ Protects, heals and repairs skin of paws and nose with regular use

~ Keeps paws soft, supple and well-nourished

~ Made with organic ingredients like vitamin E

Available in a 60g tin to keep you covered for a long time


Available in a 40g stick that is easy to use

Aloe Vera

Available in a 15g stick pack that is very portable and travel-friendly


All these dog paw balms are made with skin-benefitting ingredients found in nature to work well for dog breeds of all types. So, stop questioning yourself ‘do dogs need paw balm’, and bring home our carefully selected balms to heal and repair the skin of your pup’s paws, and keep it glowing with love, care and affection in all seasons.

Wrapping Up

Dogs love long walks with their parents, but when you see your pup refraining from stepping outside the door because of sore feet, you must immediately seek help. So, if you have been looking at ‘paw care regime’ as a session of just ‘nail trimming’ every once in a while, you need to upgrade your pup’s skincare routine with a nice dog paw balm that is made using good quality ingredients. So, do not keep your pup’s cute and cuddly paws hanging for love, and bring home a Tinytails paw balm today!