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Different Types of Dog Wipes and How to Use Them?

Different Types of Dog Wipes and How to Use Them?

Different Types of Dog Wipes and How to Use Them?

In case you are tired of using water to clean up your pup every time, Tinytails has the perfect solution to ease the burden. So, now you do not have to worry about how to clean poop off dog’s paws at an unexpected place and time. All you need is a pack of Tinytailsdog wipes, and you are ready to pose with your nice and clean furry friend. To explore our different types of cleaning wipes for dogs, and learn how they can come for the rescue of every pet parent out there, keep on reading.

Full Body Wet Wipes for Dogs

Packed with the goodness of carefully selected natural ingredients, our full body dog wipes are the perfect pick for an occasional no-bath day. These wipes are ample-sized to cover the face and other body parts of your dog (like paws and bums) with the much needed touch of cleanliness, care and nourishment. You Here are some of the additional benefits of these wipes:


  • Keeping the sidewalk salt at bay

The sidewalk salt in winters can make your dog’s baby-soft paws suffer from dryness, itching, and even harsh chemical burns. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, you can wipe your adorable pup’s paws with our full body pet wipes after every long walk on bitter winter days.


  • No more muddy paws

You would never have to vacuum on a weekday again because your playful pet ran inside the home with muddy paws after a long game of fetch in the garden. Every time your pup tries to hop on to your luxurious carpet with muddy paws, clean them beforehand with these wipes, and lead an easy life.


  • Helping senior dogs skip some shower days

When dogs age, they gradually lose their natural activeness and mobility. As a result, it becomes more difficult to take them to the tub for joyful baths. But with these efficient wet wipes for dogs, you can keep them clean in a stress-free and easy-breezy way.


  • Providing deep cleaning for bulldogs

Some dog breeds like bulldogs have a very wrinkly face, which is very difficult to clean while washing them up in a bathtub. But you can make their face squeaky clean with these dog wipes by reaching in every nook and corner of their face folds.


  • Cleaning fur after pee and potty times

If you have a pup with luxurious fur, you must know what we are speaking of. The way a pup’s heavy fur stinks and messes up after poop and pee is very difficult to manage. Cleaning them with water could further torture your nose and mood for the rest of the day. But wiping their bum fur with these wipes is quite easy, and could help you save your face on a rainy day. So, quit thinking about how to clean dog’s butt, and adopt the change today.


  • Preventing pollen allergies

We have talked a lot about things that we can clearly see, but what about things that you simply cannot? If you are an experienced pet parent, pollen allergies during spring must not be anything new for you. Prevent your pet from bringing in the sinuses and allergies by cleaning it with these wipes every time you re-enter home.


  • Managing everyday drools and mess-ups

It is almost impossible to keep your pup away from spatting its drool all around, or stop it from sniffing in a nearby garbage can during a walk (just one second that you look away to check out your mobile notifications is all it takes). So, if your dog often salivates, or acts as a self-declared garbage inspector, these dog wipes can come in handy.

Dog Ear Wipes and Dog Eye Wipes

Since some intimate areas deserve deep but careful cleaning, we have also developed dog ear wipes and dog eye wipes to clean your pup’s ears and eyes like a pro. These wipes feature a gentle and tear-free formulation to clean without any sort of harshness.

Dental Dog Wipes

As experienced pet parents, we are well-aware about the challenges associated with brushing your pup’s teeth. Even though we do not negate the necessity of regular brushing, our dental wipes for dogs could certainly prove to be useful on some difficult days. These pet dental wipes are the perfect pick to remove any residues from your pup’s teeth after a meal, and they are easy to use; all you need to do is wrap one on your finger, and swipe within your pup’s mouth meticulously.

Wrapping Up

The Tinytails cleaning wipes for dogs are any day, a better alternative to washing your pup with water. The stench or lost shine of your pup’s fur could be a serious call for help. Do not let that pass without a hearty answer in the form of our entire range of pet wipes.