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Nose & Paw Balm

Just like us humans, some areas of a dog’s skin lose moisture more easily than others, like its nose and paws. So, if you have noticed dryness in your pup’s skin, especially its nose and paws, you must add a nice dog paw balm in its everyday skincare kit. These paw balms work just like a hydrating dog paw cream or a dog paw moisturiser to replenish a dog’s lost skin moisture and lustre.

All paw balms at Tinytails are made with plant-based skin benefiting ingredients to nourish, heal and repair your little pup’s skin from deep within. They are available in different sizes and packagings to suit your needs, and their rejuvenating natural flavours like coconut, lavender and aloe vera provide your pup with the nature’s therapeutic touch. You can use our paw balms regularly as a soothing paw ointment for dogs, or a luxurious cream for dog’s paws to prevent itching and skin flaking. So, choose your favourite paw cream for dogs at Tinytails today!

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