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Crocodile Dental Toy

Color - Brown

Raising a pup requires you to handle all its needs in a smart way, like every parent does. If you have been having a hard time reaching every nook and corner of your pup’s mouth for a comprehensive cleaning experience, here’s an innovative pet toy to make your journey easier. This crocodile dog toy is an ideal solution to amalgamate everyday functions like teeth cleaning, food leakage and entertainment in a fun-filled way.

Featuring an interesting crocodile design arranged with different degrees of jagged molar convex points, grooves and channels, and serrated horns, this crocodile dog chew toy can target difficult-to-reach areas in your pup’s mouth, mainly including molars and incisors. Made from high-quality nylon and TPR, this crocodile dental toy is proven to remove dirt and food residues from your dog’s teeth without any side effects. The curved channel at the bottom of this toy serves as a great way to fight dental calculus. You can put your dog’s favourite treats in this channel to reward it every time for playing and cleaning its teeth actively.

  • Sturdy nylon and TPR construction to last for a long time to come.
  • Comes in 2 pleasant colours to amuse your dear pet from the very get go – brown and green.
  • All parts of this toy feature different shapes to reach even the toughest areas of your pup’s mouth.
  • Features a smart treat distribution system to reward your pet and improve its intelligence.
  • Resistant to the impact caused by actions like biting and smashing by pets of all sizes.

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